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A mini stack for home and studio use. A beautiful little valve 5-Watt amplifier head and two 10-inch speaker cabinets, including a FS-1 foot switch, cables, power lead and original manual. In wonderful condition and looking for a new home.  This amplifier and the two accompanying cabinets are in exceptional condition and have hardly been used.


On sale for £300.



  • The HT-5 is a great studio and practice amp in a two channel, foot switchable valve amp format which gives a full tone even at the lowest volume level. 
  • The ISF control (Infinite Shape Feature) gives adjustment over the characteristics of the tone from the USA to the UK.
  • The HT-5 power amplifier is a low powered push-pull design which produces the crunch and break-up characteristics of a traditional 100W output stage.
  • Power (RMS) 5 Watts
  • Valves 1x ECC83 and 1 x 12BH7
  • Head Dimensions (mm) 442 x 223 x 226.
  • Two channel design – Overdrive and Clean
  • The HT-5 also has a fully specified speaker emulated output which allows amazing valve tone straight to tape or disk, or through headphones. 
  • It also features the unique 4x1 or 1x12 voicing switch allowing you to change the tonal characteristics of the emulated signal between two emulated cabinet types.
  • An effects loop with switchable level, along with 16Ω and 8Ω speaker outputs which allows you to run the amp into an external speaker cabinet.
  • The   Front Panel includes Input, Clean Volume, Overdrive Select, Overdrive Gain, Overdrive Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, ISF (Infinite Shape Feature), Headphones & Speaker Emulated Output, Cabinet Switch, Power Indicator Light, Standby, Power.
  • Rear Panel includes Mains Input, Speaker Outputs (1x8 Ohm or 2x16 Ohm), Footswitch, Effect Loop Send, Effect Loop Return, Effect Loop Level
  • Two HT-110 Extension Cabinets with power ratings of 40Watts, 16 Ohms impedance, 10-inch Celestion speakers, dimensions (mm) 442x442x247.


Your chance to be a Rock Star at home or in the studio.

Blackstar HT-5 Mini-Stack - Amplifier and 2x 10-inch cabinets for sale

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