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MK Guitar School was started with a simple premise: To teach the World to rock and roll. 


Since our inception just last year, we have taken on, on average, 10 new students every month and that figure continues to grow making us one off the busiest and most successful schools not attached to a music shop in Buckinghamshire. Studio One based in Medbourne MK5 delivers in excess of 60 lessons per week, every week and is, we think, the first custom built guitar school studio in Herts, Beds and Bucks. Our retention figure remains high with more than 80% of our students choosing to pay via block payments rather than on a pay as you go basis and our Google and facebook ranking reflects that - We are now the highest rated Guitar School in Milton Keynes.

The MKGS tutors are at the centre of our business and it is them that will help us continue to grow. Described by our clients as ‘Funny, energetic, patient, dynamic, talented, relaxing, easy going, welcoming, mischievous, always - on, able to mess around and have fun, naturally musical and able to communicate with everyone’ THEY are the reason people choose MKGS.


Able to spot what people want to learn from the induction sessions they run with every new client, they create learning journeys that develop organically as the client improves or changes direction to make sure they take something away from every lesson. Their goal is to make sure that even absolute beginners can rock out from lesson one, and the lessons they devise achieve that. 


In short, we don’t work from books - we work from experience.

New tutors for MKGS will initially work from Studio One offering hours and slots not currently available and covering existing sessions when needed. New Students will come to them through existing channels and book centrally through the MKGS website. They will teach the MKGS methods and adapt those to their student's requirements with the support of Studio One.

Self employed, as their student base grows they will eventually branch out taking the MKGS brand with them.

You don't need to be a Rock God or virtuoso. MKGS tutors know that we don't know everything but we do know how to learn and perfect those elements that aren't familiar to us so we can teach those elements to others. You should however, have a great understanding of open, barre and high fret chords and know how to use them to create music. You know the basic scales (Pentatonics, Major, Minor) and know how to use them to start building guitar solos. More important than all of this though is that you know how to HAVE fun and make guitar music fun for others.

If this sounds like you, why not drop us a message or give us a call?

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