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Title: Reopening of MK Guitar School

Date: 26th June 2020

Author: Mark Halstead

I am pleased to announce that from next Monday (29th June) MK Guitar will be reopened in a limited capacity for face to face lessons. This is in response to the recent poll I sent out, for which the general consensus was that you would like to come back....yay!


So, what's the limited capacity?


As you know, Covid 19 has not gone anywhere, it is simply waiting for us to slip up so it can come back again for round two! This in mind, I have decided that initially only adult clients should access the studio. This is because generally speaking, adult clients pose a lower risk in terms of having their own plectrums, books, instruments etc, not to mention the ability to identify whether or not they feel they have symptoms of the Corona virus.

Returning for face to face lessons will be entirely optional for those adults invited to come back; Zoom lessons will continue to run indefinitely as it allows MK Guitar School to reach a wider audience. This in mind, please don't feel any pressure to return until you are ready.

So, here's the important list of do's and don'ts that will keep us all safe!

1) Everybody must bring their own guitar, plectrum, capo etc to the studio. MKGS unfortunately won't be able to supply any of these things during this 'special' time.

2) When you arrive at the studio, please wait outside away from the path until the previous client has left to avoid breaking social distancing rules.

3) MKGS won't be able to provide refreshments or access to wash facilities.

4) When in the studio, please be mindful of social distancing rules

5) If you are symptomatic of ANYTHING, please don't come to the studio - remember, we can Zoom if your not feeling tip top!

6) Only one client will be allowed in the studio at a time meaning that parents will need to wait outside. If required, we can create a Zoom link for that sessions allowing you to observe the lesson live from your car!

7) Please don't sneeze in my face!

With these precautions, there is no reason that the MKGS studio should pose any risk to anyone but I will also be

sanitising all handles and surfaces touched by anyone between every lesson and The Corona Nibbler XL5000 (anti-bacterial air purifier with HEPA filter!) will be running all day every day. I have also re-jigged the studio to make sure that there is at least 3 metres between us.

So, who's ready to come back?!

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